Lower Court Rules on iPad trademark

Yes, we’ve all been following the tech legal battles and losing count of what’s what but if your still not bored to death of the ensuing tirade of X sues Y for Z than here’s the latest on Apples iPad issues in China.

The Intermediate People’s Court in the Chinese city of Huizhou has ruled that Apple is indeed infringing on a trademark held by Proview, manufacturer of the original IPAD desktop computer.

Proview’s initial filing asked the courts to ban iPad sales in 40 cities in China and this could well be the first major stepping stone in reaching that goal. Proview are also understood to be threatening a $2 billion (wowzer!) lawsuit in the US courts.

Apple are yet to comment on the ruling but you can bet your top dollar we’ll get the latest developments to you as soon as we have more on the matter.