Jack Reacher World Premiere

Last night Cut the Cap were privileged to be invited to the world premiere of Jack Reacher starring Mr Tom cruise.

Thousands of people descended upon Odeon Leicester square to get a glimpse of the stars working the red carpet and they were in for a treat.

Celebrities spotted on the night including boxer and I’m a celebrity contestant David Haye, Nicole Scherzinger along with her boyfriend Lewis Hamilton fresh from her X-factor victory.

Also spotted on the red carpet were Bill Nighy, Tom ‘Bane’ Hardy as well as stars of the film Rosamund Pike, Robert Duvall, David Oyelowo as well as Tom cruise.

Tom worked the red carpet as he usually does stopping to sign and take pictures with every fan that had braced the cold to see him.

We made our way down the red carpet and after snapping a few pics of the celebs we took our seats in the auditorium.

Quite cleverly on each seat sat a Yorkie bar re-affirming that Jack Reacher is a real man.

If you’ve ever been to a Tom Cruise premiere you’d know that usually you would need something to kill time like monopoly as Tom Cruise likes to spend time thanking fans, so we had planned ahead and stocked up on fruitellas and mints as we were here for a while.

However by the time I had eaten my first strawberry. Heat goodness, Tom was being interviewed on screen and was then ushered into the cinema – RESULT!

After a short moment of waiting the director Christopher McQuarrie, author of the book Jim Grant as well as the stars made their way onto the stage and the film began.

Not having read any Jack Reacher books I was worried I was going to have to play catch up (there are 17 Jack Reacher books) however the films plot was good enough to explain jack reachers past.

At this point I don’t want to give much away in case I spoil it but the film stars Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher (funny enough) a former military man called in to help a fellow soilder who could have been set up to shoot 5 random people using a sniper rifle.

Cue Jack Reacher entering town with his quick wit and tortured soul ready to put right what is wrong quicker than Sam Beckett in Quantum Leap. The more he digs, the more he uncovers sending him down a spiral of action to uncover the truth behind the killings.

The film has just the right amount of action and a great car chase scene which would give Ryan Gosling a run for his money.

Naturally most fans of the book that were at the World Premiere thought the book was better than the film but till this day I’ve never met someone who thinks a film is better than its book.

I have now ordered all 17 books and will be hibernating for winter to get through them.

Jack Reacher is out in cinemas on Boxing Day. Does someone say franchise???