Jared Leto pushes the boundaries with Hugo Red…

We quite like 30 Seconds to Mars, we saw them at Reading Festival last year and Jared Leto is quite the front man so it made sense that Hugo Boss made him their face for the Hugo Red fragrance.

According to the HUGO Fragrances ambassador, “Pushing boundaries is important for everyone – that’s when you find the greatest reward, the biggest breakthrough”. Making predictable choices or reverting to well-trodden patterns of behaviour stifles your creativity – it’s when you challenge yourself that the most original ideas and performances happen. And right on cue Hugo Fragrances is once again raising the bar for innovation with its latest perfume for men, HUGO Red. Launching 30th January 2013 this dynamic fragrance features an unexpected blend of contrasting ingredients that inspires men to break with convention and unleash their unique creativity… oooo eerrr!


Interest fact fot you, 2013 also marks the 20th anniversary of HUGO, a brand that has always strived to challenge traditional rules and ideals. Embodying an avant-garde yet confident style, it can be said quite fairly that the HUGO collections take an innovative and unconventional approach to fashion, delivering progressive looks with a contemporary attitude. HUGO Fragrances has always shared this attitude and the new Hugo Red is a perfect example of the brand’s creative and experimental spirit. Following in the footsteps of the iconic HUGO Man – a global bestseller for almost two decades – and its hugely successful follow-up, HUGO Just Different, pretty likely Hugo Red is destined to become another perfume classic for men.


Believe it of not it was back in 2011 launch of HUGO Just Different marked the signing of acclaimed musician, music video director and film actor, Jared Leto, as the face of HUGO Fragrances. A modern icon of originality, he is renowned for his extraordinary creativity and unique talent, making him a natural fit with the HUGO brand and the Hugo Red concept. In his own words, “I think creativity and pushing boundaries go hand in hand, and originality comes from individuals who are willing to take chances, to bet on themselves”.

Thriving on pressure, Jared Leto sees life as both a journey and an adventure, actively seeking out new and innovative experiences to ensure he is constantly evolving and pushing himself to reach new heights. “People sometimes think of pressure as having negative connotations but I think it can be a great motivator to take control and define who you are. When you face a challenge it’s important to keep pushing yourself so you can learn and grow, and I always feel glad I did when I come out the other side.” Jared Leto

We were also lucky enough to catch up with Will Andrews from the P&G Fragrance Team  and he talk us through the concept of Hugo Red. He explained that the fragrance is built around two contrasting accords: the ‘Solid Chill’ accord and the ‘Liquid Heat’ accord, which reflect the different facets of cold and hot metal. The ‘Solid Chill’ accord combines grapefruit in the top note with rhubarb in the heart note to create a bitter fresh accord with a metallic accent that simulates the underlying strength of solid metal. While the ‘Liquid Heat’ accord is characterised by cedarwood (yep thats the same stuff in your humidor!) and hot amber that blend together in the dry-down to convey the heat and fluidity of red-hot metal. The transition between the two states of metal illustrates the idea of adapting under intense pressure; of going beyond natural limits to create something new and unique.

On the packaging front its no accident that red was the color chosen to represent this new scent. Not only is it universally recognised as the most intense of all colors, associated with energy, strength, power and determination – it is even claimed to have the potential to provoke an exhilarating physical effect in us, (blimey!) The striking red heat-sensitive bottle provides the perfect backdrop for the HUGO logo, emblazoned across the bottle in the same jet black as the screw top cap and canvas strap – a boldly contrasting yet perfectly harmonious color scheme that gives Hugo Red a distinct look.


Hugo-RedHUGO Red – The Collection

Eau de Toilette           40 ml £27.00 / 75 ml £37.00 / 150 ml £52.00

After Shave Balm       75 ml £23.00

Shower Gel                 200 ml £20.00

Deodorant Stick          75 ml £20.00

Deodorant Spray        150 ml £20.00