Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No 2

This weekend I made the most of the last few mild days and embarked upon test driving the Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No 2.

I was given one by my cousin who couldn’t stop raving about how amazing they were. He even compared it on the same level as a Partagas D4, which is one of my favourites.

Post dinner we left the wives to watch X-Factor as we snuck out and lit up.


Being a massive fan of the Double Corona I was expecting big things from its younger brother (see the analogy I used there)

Kicking off, it was mild to begin with and as the cigar started warming up the flavour erupted and I was getting hints of Coffee, cream and vanilla.

The burn was perfect the whole way down and the draw was fantastic throughout. I also found the smoke that came off was very light and almost aromatic in flavour.

Down to about half way I started getting floral aromas coming through, which is well known from the Hoyo De Monterrey Double Corona.

Overall I found this a nice light smoke, non-intrusive and full of a mild creamy flavour. A perfect smoke for about an hour.

One way I also judge a cigar is that at the end, if I’m burning my finger as I’m inhaling, then I know I like the cigar.

Unfortunately I didn’t have any rum to accompany the cigar on this occasion; otherwise I could have imagined a great pairing with a dark rum, perhaps a Ron Zacapa or a Havana Club 7 year.

It’s definitely a cigar that I will be investing in for the humidor, especially as they come in such a nice dress box.

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