Fagerhult Beer: Scandi Cool. Canned.

The good people at Kopparberg are bringing Fagerhult – the stubbornly Swedish beer – to the UK, Hooray!

The secret to Scandi cool is now available in a can. A beer can to be more precise. Fagerhult, coined as the stubbornly Swedish beer, will arrive on the shelves April 6th, which just so happens to be NATIONAL BEER DAY – what a lucky coincidence!

The first ever beer to launch on Vine, Fagerhult was debuted with an inspired six second clip that depicts the story and unique appeal of the Swedish brew.  Watch the world-first Vine here


You know we love our brand history and this story of Fagerhult goes a little something like this… It is part of the Kopparberg family and made in the same small town brewery as its cider sibling, Fagerhult is deeply rooted in Sweden’s history after originally being brewed to satisfy the thirst of Swedish Elk hunters returning from the hunt.

This beer pulls no punches which is fine with Team CTC because it delivers all the superior quality of a craft beer but none of the frills – thirsty yet? Well we are but will continue… Fagerhult is made with the finest barley, malt, yeast, hops and water and packaged in a fuss free, stubby gold and black can emblazoned with an elk head. Packed full of attitude (not Elk), best-served ice cold and sipped straight from the can, it has a fresh and clean malty taste and an ABV of 4.8%.

Whether stocking up for a festival, heading to a house party, or like those Swedish huntsmen cracking a can at the end of the working day, we reckon Fagerhult is simple, satisfying and refreshing in equal measure.

But don’t just take our word for it – the non-bias Jodie Alliss, (Brand Manager at Kopparberg) says: “For too long Fagerhult has been enjoyed by the Swedes alone so we’re bringing it to the UK. Stubbornly delivering on style and taste every time, it will appeal to beer lovers who want a quality ‘no frills’ brew. Fagerhult also promises to diversify the world beer scene in the UK – we all know and love craft beer from the US and the UK – now it’s time for the Swedes to enter the fray.”

We not going to sugar coat this, we are big fans of what our Scandinavian courtparters do and the way they do it, so lets drink to that – Skål (cheers!)