EVENT: Hunters & Frankau 2013 Cigar Party

It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here! Well, almost. It will be here Tuesday 15th October so mark those kitchen calendars and set your out of office.  The UK’s most highly anticipated cigar event is almost upon us, fellow BOTL. This year, they’ve broken from tradition a little this year. Past Cigar Party’s were held in the summer and were known as the Hunters & Frankau Summer Party. So what’s in store for us this year?

The Hunters & Frankau 2013 Cigar Party will be held on board the HQS Wellington, moored at Victoria Embankment in London and promises to be another spectacular H&F shindig. Guests will get to enjoy 3 cigars, champagne, cuban music, cocktails and canapés as well as two of the finest drinks to enjoy with a cigar, Hine cognac and Dalmore whisky.


Perhaps the biggest attraction to the Cigar Party, however, is that guests will have the first opportunity to try the 2013 Exclusivo Reino Unido (UK Exclusive) by Habanos, the La Flor de Cano Gran Cano. Two of the three cigars given will be Gran Cano’s so not only do you have the opportunity to sample the latest UK regional edition, you also get an extra one to throw in the humidor. Alternatively, you could smoke both on the night. Why not? The good life and moderation don’t go too well together anyway.

This year’s UK regional exclusive, the La Flor de Cano Gran Cano will follow on from the successes of LFdC’s last UK exclusive, the Short Robusto from 2010 which was superb and sadly now no longer to be found unless someone’s got a stock they’d like to share (let us know if you find any). The Gran Cano will be a Gordito size (5.5″ x 50) so larger than the Short Robusto. It’ll also be a great introduction to those who are new to the LFdC brand. We’ve discovered some great cigars thanks to giving the Ramon Allones Allones Extra Edicion Limitada from 2011 a whirl such as the Specially Selected and Small Club Corona.


Excited as much as we are? Tickets are now available directly through Hunters & Frankau for £90. We wouldn’t delay too much as most are already gone. Contact Dawn Ireland on 020 7471 8409 or drop her an email via d.ireland@cigars.co.uk.