Drizzy Drake

Drake London
Drake London

On Monday I had the pleasure of going to See Drake live at the Hammersmith Apollo in London.

Being a big fan of his auto-tuned style of rapping, I was very excited. What made the concert even better was that I didn’t pay for my ticket which made the whole experience even better.

After a few Jack Daniels we got the Venue, purchased our drinks, and got comfortable.

We made it just in time to catch the last part of J. Cole’s set. I must say he is one to watch in 2011. After appearing on Jay-Z’s ‘Star is Born’ track, J.Cole has created a massive following.

When I arrived he was spitting bars (down with the lingo) over 2pac’s Hail Mary. I recognised this catchy beat anywhere. A friend I was with mentioned something that stuck which was:

“He has a 2pacness about him”

And I agreed. He really did. His lyrical flow was amazing as he dropped all his big tracks including ‘All I want is you’.

Shortly after his set, it felt as if they let in double the amount of people because the Apollo filled quicker than a free buffet.

Drake was ready to come on and the room volume lifted to the sound of screaming females as Drake made his way on stage.

He had arrived. With a show stopping performance, he entertained us with all his big tracks, Mixtape tracks, and tracks that he featured on including, Girls, Bedrock, and what’s my name, not before explaining to us about the Drizzy 3 Stroke. (Trust me you don’t want to know)

If I had one complaint, it was that at times, it felt that Drake was performing to the females only and seemed to forget the 20% male audience. 

With Lines such as “London, you are the best”, “I should find a London wife”, and “I Love pxxxy”, I felt that maybe Drake was after late night entertainment!

He ended on a high by taking different sections of the audience and picking people out in particular to thank. For example:

“Thanks to the guy in yellow” as according to Drake “Yellow is on its way back” (it is)


“Thanks to the girl with Drake written across her Breasts”

All in all, it was a great night, and Drake put on a great show. If he comes back I will no doubt love to go again and sing along (badly) to his big tracks.