Coffee and Football Fans Rejoice… Black Sheep Coffee is here!

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It’s NEW Robusta Revival has a surprisingly different taste profile to the Arabica beans that currently saturate the premium end of the market… rich, creamy and sweet, with a less acidic tone reminiscent of walnut and dark chocolate.

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With the World Cup Finals now in full swing and England ready take on the world’s best the real test for fans is not Italy, not Costa Rica, not even Uruguay but the battle to stay awake!

Throughout the tournament there will be 11pm kick offs, the first of those for England fans being against Italy so its important you stay awake and sharp! We reckon you could do a lot worse than a nice cup of Black Sheep Coffee…

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IAyHIcvBAs a pioneering new company, Black Sheep Coffee, has launched the UK’s first fine Robusta bean product, set to turn the heads of coffee connoisseurs and seriously shake up the scene.

It’s founded by four friends – Gabe, Eirik, Max and Anders – who quit corporate jobs to follow their passion for coffee, the unorthodox brand rebels against the status quo that Robusta is only used for low-grade products such as instant coffees. Their product, available as beans or ground, comes from a single-estate in India – the only estate in the world to have received three “Fine Robusta” certifications by tasting experts.

In addition to being deliciously aromatic, Robusta Revival is also, as its taste indicates, lower in acidity, and has a significantly greater level of protein which helps to make for a much richer crema when brewed as an espresso. Due to its high caffeine content, it is particularly well-received by athletes and people with an active lifestyle – big tick in the box for us!
As such, Black Sheep has attracted attention from a rather unusual crowd, ranging from world-renowned athletes to coffee experts, both Q and R grader certified. And with the Antipodean coffee revolution having spread to London in recent years, spawning a community of independent coffee shops, artisan roasters, pop-ups and a vibrant coffee scene, the capital is the perfect home for the latest caffeine rebels.

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We wanted to find out how the Black Sheep boys left the herd behind so had a look behind the coffee counter and here’s what we found…

fullsize-left alignleftGabe, Eirik, Max and Anders formed strong friendships as students when they were at the University of St Andrews, where they shared a flat. After graduating in 2010, the four pursued corporate jobs until last year, when they decided to follow their passion, “leave the herd behind” and build a business around their shared love of coffee. Anders and Eirik are both from Norway, a country known to have the largest per capita consumption of coffee in the world, and a specialty coffee market that developed long before it became “Shoreditch-ised” in London, so have a natural interest in coffee. Meanwhile, Max’s family used to own one of Germany’s largest chains of coffee–roasteries before WWII, and Gabe spent the best part of his career in Italy where, amongst other private equity deals, he worked closely with a traditional family-owned Italian torrefazione (roastery) in Modena. Fairly good grounding (pun intended!) then.

Having set up a café in Camden and also peddling their wares to commuters and tourists from their travelling coffee station, the Black Sheep boys have received rave reviews for their Robusta brews and are confident that they have something special on their hands. With so many coffee drinkers out there who’ve never had the chance to taste a 100% Robusta product, this could be just the beginning of a Robusta revolution!!

If you want to check out this find product you can all the locations here

If you’re itching for more information visit or follow them on Twitter at @leavetheherd and Instagram at @Black_Sheep_Coffee or watch this video…