Belvedere Unfiltered Hits the UK shores

The 2012 Olympic Games are on their way and as we all rush to our local supermarket to stock up on refreshing alcoholic beverages to enjoy with friends, there is a new Vodka that is creating a buzz around town ,and going for gold.

Premium Vodka brand Belvedere has launched Belvedere Unfiltered which is created from Dankowskie Diamond Rye, a superior baker’s-grade rye grown in Poland’s Mazovia region.

New Vodka Launched in UK


Belvedere Unfiltered will be targeted at male drinkers at high-end bars and clubs in the UK (basically us)

Positioned as a sipping vodka to be served on ice or in a martini, we’ve been told that Belvedere Unfiltered has a characteristic bready taste thanks to its completely unfiltered nature.

Sounds like we have just found a new Cigar match so watch this space!
Belvedere will launch in partnership with high-end couture website, and was the exclusive drinks partner at the Mr Porter, Esquire and Jimmy Choo party during the inaugural London Collections: Men. Our invite got lost in the post so that’s why we weren’t there, but we’ll hopefully make it next year.

If you are looking to snap up a bottle of this 40%abv vodka, you’ll be looking to spend around £43.99 in the UK (RRP)
Although unfiltered has just launched in the UK, it’s been going form strength to strength in the US for a while now.

Even Actress Nia Long (Will Smith’s girlfriend in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) chose Unfiltered as a sponsor for her birthday….lucky girl.
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As soon as we get the chance to try this out, we’ll feedback for you. From past experience with Belvedere…. we are in for a good time

Enjoy responsibly and don’t drink and tweet! nobody likes a incorrect hash tag!