Back In 5 Minutes – Disappearing Dining Club Restaurant Review

This week we were invited to sample the culinary delights of Back in 5 Minutes, the latest pop up restaurant venture at ‘Disappearing Dining Club’.

Located at the top of Brick Lane, this speakeasy style restaurant is located within a shop disguising it.

Once arriving at the address we were surprised to find we were at a clothes shop which offered some trendy fashionable items, however after muttering the secret words ‘I’m looking for the restaurant’ we were granted access through a dark curtain to the underground restaurant that is ‘Back in 5 Minutes’.
Back in 5 Minutes Entrance

We were greeted by the friendly staff who showed us our table, and what was different from the usual ‘2 seats in the corner’ style we were accustomed to, was that the restaurant had a communal feel. Each table held around 8 people, so you found yourself sitting amongst strangers for the evening.

Normally we aren’t one for speed dating on a night out, however it offered A) a great chance to see what others were eating and B) to meet new people

After taking our seats, the waitress brought over the menu’s and explained that we can go for either the 2 course, 3 course, or 6 course tasting menu. Thinking about the upcoming holiday we are going on, we played it safe, opting for the 3 course meal.

To kick off we opted for the Smoked Duck Breast, served over a bed of Celerie Remoulade. (in English, celery root mixed with mayo, mustard, salt and pepper)

The duck was presented cut into slices and layered over the bed of celery remoulade. Having eaten duck before we were surprised at how succulent and juicy the duck breast was. The smokiness really came through along with the taste of the duck, creating a great flavour when also mixed with the celerie remoulade.

Main Course
Onto the main and we opted for the Herb Roasted Salmon Fillet, served over tomato braised borlotti beans.

Usually opting for a red meat main, we decided to switch it up and try something new, and it delivered.

The salmon was marinated perfectly, offering a herb and almost citrus flavour, complementing the salmon. The tomato braised borlotti beans offered the perfect accompaniment to the fish.

Onto dessert (and this is where the fun begins) we opted for the ‘Lime and White Chocolate Cheesecake, served with a raspberry chilli compote. (we know right!)

The dish was served with the cream underneath and the biscuit layer on top almost looking like an upside down cheesecake, but my god was it amazing.

Each mouthful offered an explosion of flavours with the chocolate, the lime, the raspberry, each fighting for time in your palate. If there is one thing we recommended you definitely try if you go – it’s the cheesecake if they still have it on the menu.

To top the evening off, each meal comes with a complimentary Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned, which is made by the staff in house, and after a 3-course meal, there is nothing like an Old Fashioned to wash it all down with.

The bar selection is great for a pop up restaurant and with an extensive cocktail menu, there is more than enough to get through.

We’d thoroughly recommend checking out ‘Back in 5 Minutes’ however by the time you read this, the menu may change as they update the menu very often.

Back in 5 Minutes is open Wednesday -Saturday and you can find out more and reserve a table here

Let us know if you have been and if your meal was different from ours.

CTC Tip: To keep the evening going (as they close around 1am), we took a walk round the corner to 5CC cocktail club for a late night Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned.