‘Aged Habanos’ for Cuban Domestic Market

Ok, so I’ll be the first to admit that a) its the first I’ve heard of the ‘Vintage’ concept Aged Habanos created especially for the Cuban Domestic Market, and b) that I am extremely jealous!

Turns out our Cigar chomping brothers from across the ocean have been enjoying these Aged Habanos cigars at the 15th anniversary of La Casa del Habano event while we over here have to age our own:


The 15th anniversary of La Casa del Habano in the Partagás factory at the already mythical 520 Industria Street, next to the Capitol of La Habana, was celebrated in the Cuban capital on November 14 -18, 2011.

This event is organized every year by one of the shops of the Habanos, S.A. franchise store network and this time by La Casa del Habano of the Partagás factory, one of the most famous in Cuba and all over the world.

In this context, Habanos s.a. has presented the “Aged Habanos” or “Vintage” concept as exclusiveness on this occasion for the Cuban domestic market.

The condition of “Aged Habanos” or “Vintage” has nothing to do with any extra ageing of the tobacco leaves, or when they were harvested, but with the time that the Habanos are kept under perfect temperature and humidity conditions after being made in the factory until the moment when they are tasted. The age will affect the flavour and aroma in the same way as it does with bottles of the finest wines. The initial date of this process is the seal with the production date stamped on the bottom of each Habanos box.

Some consider that 5 years are sufficient for the benefits of ageing to become apparent, others feel that at least 10 years should pass since the Habanos were placed in their box. This time elapsed attributes a more refined taste as well as an extremely complex aroma when smoking a Habano, provided that the temperature and humidity conditions are perfect.

On this occasion, a selection of Habanos with more than ten years of ageing was made. On the welcome evening of the celebration of the 15th anniversary at La Casa del Habano Partagás, the Hoyo de Dieux vitola of Hoyo de Monterrey was tasted, obtaining an excellent valuation from the participants.

In addition to the Habanos aged vitolas, other new products launched by Habanos, S.A. in 2011 were also tasted during the closing dinner of the event: H.Upmann Royal Robusto, an exclusive vitola for the shop network La Casa del Habano at world level, and Partagás Serie E No. 2.

A series of other vitolas of “Aged Habanos” or “Vintage” initially available at La Casa del Habano Partagás because of its 15th anniversary, will be available afterwards in all La Casa del Habano stores of Cuba.

All the Aged Habanos have been selected by a group of quality control experts who have reviewed each one of these Habanos in Cuba.

They are easily identifiable because they apply a second ring and the seal “REVISADO” at the bottom of each box, which ensure their perfect ageing process.