FouseyTUBE Yoga Pants Prank Part 2

Internet Prankster Fouseytube had a Youtube video doing the rounds last week called Yoga Pants prank, in which he put himself in the pants of females to showcase how men oogle over ladies butts (we don’t… promise!)

Now, Fouseytube is back with Yoga Pants Prank part 2 which sees him and a female friend ask members of the public, “who’s ass is bigger?”

We’ve been following Fouseytube for a few years now and some of his video’s are amazing, even the one where he fools his parents by dubbing over a Turkish soap. Check out Fouseytube and subscribe to him here

Check out Yoga Pants Prank Part 2 here:

And if you missed it, here is Yoga Pants Prank Part 1 that was doing the rounds last week: