WYST (Wines You Should Try): Trivento Malbec Reserve and Trivento Chardonnay

Here at Cut The Cap towers its not just spirits we like to sample and enjoy we also love a good wine. And its with that in mind that we’re opening up our ‘try’ reviews to now include wines… we know, great news right!

First we’ve taken a trip (not literally unfortunately) to the shadows of the mighty Andes mountains, where Trivento’s vineyards produce some of Argentina’s best wines. Winemakers Germán di Césare and Victoria Prandina oversee an outstanding range of reds and whites.
Interesting little fact for you now… Trivento, which means ‘3 winds’ in Spanish, take advantage of the high altitudes, aged vineyards and the influences of the three dominant winds in the region to create their signature wines, including the Malbec which made their reputation – which is the one of two wines we’re looking at along with the Trivento Chardonnay.

Its very apparent that Trivento wines are inspired by the vineyards’ beautiful location in Argentina and the ‘Three Winds’ (The Polar, Zonda and Sudesatda) that blow across the sunny and arid land of Mendoza. The combined effect of these winds leaves a mark on each of the wines and contributes to their unique and robust flavour profiles, expertly guarded by Trivento winemaker Germán di Césare.

Trivento Malbec ReserveStraight off the bat we’re excited about the Malbec Reserve because its an award winner…
1. Wines of Argentina Top Honours Trophy 2013
2. IWC Gold 2013
3. Decanter Bronze Award 2013
No wonder its one of Argentina’s finest and most popular wines!

This complex and fruity blend is produced in the famous wine growing area of Mendoza, a region renowned for producing wines of an exceptional quality, making this ideal for both connoisseurs and novice wine drinkers alike.

We’ve not taken this new part of the drinks section on Cut The Cap lightly and have been on a wine course as well as paying a trip to Vinopolis so it is with some confidence that we can say Argentinian Malbecs are renowned for their distinctive characteristics and the Trivento Malbec Reserve is no exception.
After being aged for six months in French Oak barrels the wine displays hints of vanilla which blend with the aromas of plum. The wine is well balanced, exhibits sweet tannins and a velvety finish, making it ideal to share. For the perfect pairing we reckon serve with any red meat dishes or simply enjoy and savour on its own.

Trivento Malbec Reserve, available from Tesco, Ocado and selected specialists at £8.99.

If you fancy a lighter option we think you should try the Trivento Reserve Chardonnay. It’s an easy going wine with modest apple and lemon notes backed by anTRIVENTO RESERVE CHARDONNAY 2012 undertone of toasty oak and spice.
As the saying goes good things come to those that wait and this is no exception as the Trivento Reserve Chardonnay spends up to 2 years in a cellar up before they’ll let you get your hands on it!

The best food pairing we know of is with Sole over green beans accompanied with rice pasta in soy sauce – hungry now, right?!

For more information visit Trivento on Facebook: Trivento UK or Twitter: TriventoUK