Samsung Smart TV – CES 2012

CES 2012 in Las Vegas is underway and Samsung have unveiled Smart TV With the new TV you will be able to ‘listen, see and do’ what you want, without ever touching a remote control.

Looks like we are moving closer to Back to the Future 2 when Marty Mcfly Junior is channel surfing by using voice only. Good times!

With the new TV you will be able to interact using voice, gestures and face. The face recognition seamlessly logs in each family member to their own Smart Hub profile. You will see your apps. Your family members will see theirs. That’s just a taste of what is possible with our Smart Interaction technology.

What’s more, we will open our APIs to developers so they can unleash their creativity and build apps that use motion control, voice control and face recognition.

This is what we think is going to be the next big step in TV’s. Imagine being able to flick through TV without putting your cigar down?

Check out the video here: