RETREAT + Roses ​Gabor​ = Great New Collection

Morning gang! So its cold where we are (in London) today so we thought why not warm up the start to the day with a look at a great new range from RETREAT – which coincidently/thankfully includes two limited Beanies. (Yep there’s the link!)

You may remember we broke the news of Retreat’s existence back in July (‘retreat-the-clothing-brand-you-should-know-about’) and showcased some of the great work and designed they were producing. Since then Sid and the team have been hard at work and below is a selection from their new collection including a collaboration they have with singer ROSES GABOR (of Night Sky fame)… we think you’ll agree the new designs are really strong! The TREE of LIFE is awesome (full discharged prints) available via

And if that wasn’t enough to warm you up to top thing off this latest launch coincides with the video produced exclusive for Retreat by Hip Hop Juggle DMC Turntablist Champion… DJ Rasp, who cuts up Dilated Peoples NO RETREAT! To get such cool hat you can learn more about it here.
Bang, and the job it done.