Pitbull now suing Lindsay Lohan

We’ve learned this morning that rapper Pitbull has filed a countersuit against Lindsay Lohan.

Back in August, Lohan filed a lawsuit against the rapper for his song ‘Give Me Everything’, which includes the line, ‘I got it locked up like Lindsay’.

The (used to be) actress claimed that the song was “disparaging and defamatory” towards her character. (as in the alcoholic, drug taking, weirdo character)

Pitbull took the higher ground and publicly apologised to Lohan and explained that the particular lyric in question wasn’t meant to defame Lohan.

He said: “When I mentioned Lindsay Lohan in the record, it was a really positive message. When I say, ‘I got it locked up’… that means you run that neighbourhood”

Not sure anyone uses that line in that context in my neighbourhood but we’ll let you have that one.

“When I say, ‘I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan,’ I say, ‘She runs her world, I’m trying to run mine’.” (????)

However, Pitbull is now countersuing Lohan, insisting in the suit that his lyric was justified by Lohan’s multiple run-ins with the law, reports Rolling Stone.

So you did mean what you said. Looks like even Herbie can’t save her this time!

Check out the video below. Only 1 Lindsay was harmed in the making of it.