Pink Pigeon Rum

One thing we love is a good glass of rum and with the recent boom in the rum business, we are finding more and more rums from around the globe to add to our collection.

This past weekend, we decided we would expand that collection with rum that’s been doing the rounds and picking up a few awards. The rum in question is Pink Pigeon.

Launched by The Indian Ocean Rum Company and Berry Bros. & Rudd Spirits, this is the first super premium vanilla infused rum from the Island of Mauritius.

For those that don’t know, the Pink Pigeon is one of the rarest birds in the world and flies free in the skies of Mauritius, the tropical paradise of the Indian Ocean.

It is here, nestled between the azure sea and towering mountains, that Medine Estate has been producing rum since 1926, making it the oldest distillery still in operation on the Island.

No we havent been watching Blue Planet before you ask, but we have been told that this single estate rum is infused with hand-pollinated and hand-picked natural Bourbon vanilla that grows wild in the rainforests of Reunion and Madagascar.

This delicate and expensive spice takes two years to mature and 8 different production stages which are all undertaken by hand.

So Saturday evening we decided it was time to break open the wax seal and pour ourselves a glass.

Initially we tried it neat, but found a few ice cubes really helped bring out the flavours of the rum, and dangerously made it easier to drink.

We found the Vanilla infusion really worked and left an incredible flavour on our palate. We only wished we could have lit up a cigar to pair the drink with.

Pink Pigeon Rum

If you are looking for a cigar to smoke along with, from initial tasting we would recommend perhaps a San Cristobal De Habana cigar as the chocolaty flavours of the cigar would complement the vanilla infusion quite well.

As drinking habits in bars and clubs change and the demand for flavourful liquids are on the rise, Pink Pigeon Rum is leading the trend in quality flavoured rums.

The rums very versatile so next time we will be definitely be trying one of the recommended cocktails, so watch this space.

Pink Pigeon Rum won a gold medal for ‘Best Packaging’ at Harpers’ Wine and Spirit Design Awards 2011 and a bronze medal at 2011 ‘International Cocktail Challenge”.

You can pick up a bottle from places like Whisky Exchange and The drink as well as Berry Bros. & Rudd for under £30.

Grab yourself a bottle and let us know your thoughts.

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