Matt Goss – London Offer

With just over a week to go until Matt Goss returns to the Royal Albert Hall on 21st October, the excitement is really picking up at Cut  The Cap.

We are looking forward to our big night out to Royal Albert Hall to re-live the night we shared in the Goosy Room at Caesars Palace.

For those that can’t make Friday, While Matt’s in town, he is also doing a special 1 off performance at the Savoy Hotel on Saturday 22nd October.

Originally I was going to take the wife, until the prices were released and we realised we would need a small loan to cover the £499 tickets (that’s each)

However thanks to Vegas Baby UK, (a site that should be any Vegas fan’s homepage) they have kindly stepped in and offered to pay £200 towards tickets, helping those grovelling husbands that need to earn browning points with their wives, or those die-hard fans that are finding it hard to part with £499 in these tough economic times.

All you need to do to get the ticket is mosey on over to here

And Enter VEGASBABY in PromoCode

And your £499 ticket will magically reduce itself to £299. Not a bad discount.

It’s a great offer, too good to be missed – thanks Vegas Baby

Unfortunately it’s still a bit steep for me as I would like to take the wife, but for any Matt Goss Fan it’s a massive opportunity to enjoy the music in an up close and personal performance.

We had the pleasure of enjoying the performance in Vegas back in March (see here) and fully endorse the experience. It’s a rare chance to enjoy one of the best shows of our time and shake hands with the legend that is Matt Goss.

More info about Matt Goss and his show can be found here

Enjoy and keep those fingers clicking