Matt Goss and Diddy Suited and Booted for Ciroc Vodka

Fresh from his Royal Albert Hall gig, Matt Goss is back in Vegas and this time filming an Advert for Ciroc Vodka with Diddy.

The advert will be shown in the USA and also stars Aaron Paul, Chad Murray, Jesse Williams, Michael Williams, Chris Jones and the legend Frank Vincent! (Aka Billy Batts from Goodfellas)

The picture shows them all suited and booted on a rooftop looking like the rat pack.

At this point I would like to take the full credit for being the inspiration for this advert. Evidence below … ( I can dream)

Maybe we can star in the UK version?

I will be in Vegas for New Year’s Eve so will be ensuring my evenings will now be sponsored by Ciroc. I will also investigate which cigars go well with Ciroc.

Diddy has produced some great ads for Ciroc int he past espeically this one so we are looking forward to seeing the advert.