Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona

With my upcoming wedding, I’ve been dedicated to ordering the wedding cigars for my circle of cigar smoking crew.

My brother smoked a Hoyo De Monterrey double corona at his wedding, so it’s only fitting that I carry the tradition on by smoking the same cigar at my wedding.

I ordered them online and early one Saturday morning, there was a knock at the door. It was like Christmas in spring.

It was my day off and I didn’t care that it was 7.30am, I shot downstairs to open the door and collect my goods…..and they didn’t disappoint.

As I opened the box up, I was instantly hit with the floral aromas that come with this ‘Golfers Cigar’.

At a length of 7 5/8″ and a gauge of 49, you know this is a special cigar.

Onto the smoking!

So on Sunday we were fortunate to have an unusually hot say so while with the future father in law, we thought it would be a good a time as any to test drive the cigar.

The cigar did not disappoint. Once scored as 98 from Cigar Aficionado, you can tell why from the second you light it. The cigar was mild in flavour but just the right amount of aromas and tastes were coming through.

We found as we smoked on, the cigar just got better and better, which proved why this cigar is priced from £22 upwards in London.

After 1 hour I had only made it halfway through and the cigar was just getting better by the minute.

Overall, this is up there as one of my all time favourite cigars and god knows how I’m going to finish this cigar at my wedding when it lasts for around 90 minutes…..

It’s a great choice for anyone whether you are an experienced smoker or just someone who is a beginner wanting to celebrate or look bling!

I’ll let you know how I get on with it at the wedding, but I know from know the wife is not going to be happy with me outside for 90 minutes!