Havana Club Anejo Especial to get new look

News from our man in Havana is that Havana Club Anjejo Especial is getting a new recipe and look. We are told the new recipe blends rums that have been aged in white young oak casks to produce an expression said to have notes of vanilla and caramel with an underlying hint of tabacco, cinnamon and orange peel.

Can the new blend be any more perfect for us cigar smokers?

The new label is styled to look handwritten and a background oak barrel graphic to ‘highlight the craftsmanship and Havana Club’s core values of authenticity, quality and tradition’.

Havana Club’s Mestro Ronero Asbel Morales (aka THE MAN) had this to share:

“At the Havana Club distillery in Cuba, we are continuously working on developing new recipes that will appeal to a wide range of rum fans around the world,”

He added that the edition has a unique flavour profile as the rum undergoes an unusual aging process before being blended and aged for a second time.

“The influence of the barrel aging is evident in the flavour profile with notes of vanilla and caramel really coming to the fore, which makes it an ideal base for Cuban cocktails, particularly the Cuban Libre.”

Nick Blacknell, international marketing director for Havana Club International, said the brand hoped Añejo Especial would also entice whisky drinkers “looking for equally good, yet more exciting alternatives to their brand”.

He said: “With this new formulation and premium look, we are confident that Havana Club Anejo Especial will satisfy demand from sociable young adults seeking a naturally sweeter taste profile, but for whom authenticity and high quality are equally important purchasing cues.”

The new Añejo Especial will launch in Germany in September at an RRP of €15 before rolling out globally over the coming year.

Sounds like Cut The Cap will be making a quick trip to Germany next month!

As soon as we get our hands on some of this liquid gold, we’ll whip up a Cuban Libre and will be sure to recommend our cigar pairing.

Is it wrong that writing this article has made me really fancy a glass of Havana Club now?

Cheers to that!