A Cut The Cap Twist To A Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned

We were asked by our good friends at Woodford Reserve to re-fashion the classic cocktail ‘The Old Fashioned’

Naturally this was a challenge we were more than happy to accept and to begin we took to London town and visited as many cocktail bars as possible to experience how the drink was made.

After a great night out, we were ready to mix it up… so to speak.

We began by thinking about what we had learnt from our journey and about all the flavours we love in cocktails, and in life in general.

Thinking #WWDDD (What Would Don Draper Do) we soon realised the Old Fashioned was a classic, and the reason it’s a classic is because it’s a simple cocktail to make and It can be made at home using just a few ingredients.

After a few failed attempts (Milk was a bad choice) we are thrilled to showcase the Cut The Cap Cap’ple Old Fashioned.

A simple twist on the timeless cocktail but with only 2 added ingredients – apple juice, and a cap of a cigar that has been stored for a couple of weeks in the humidor. (Preferably a Romeo Y Julieta)

We like to think of this as a twist to the Old Fashioned that can be enjoyed in the summer and also for those that aren’t fans of Bourbon.

Rather than explain how to make it, we thought we would go one step further and make a video, so here’s Eray with his nifty guide. Enjoy:

We did also attempt to use other Bourborns to see how it would turn out (we won’t name and shame). However we found this worked perfectly with the smoothness of Woodford Reserve.

If you fancy trying it out, let us know what you think, or if you have any other suggestions.

Woodford Reserve is priced around the £30 mark and is available from most UK supermarkets.