Cohiba Behike Cigars Add New Hologram

For those that love Cohiba Behike cigars which are considered the most exclusive líne of the most prestigious Habanos brand, will be pleased to hear they are getting an upgrade this year with 1 new feature – a new hologram.

Growing up in the 80s holograms were the big thing and to hear a new improved hologram is going be placed onto the Cohiba Behike makes us excited.

The new feature will be incorporated into all the three Behike formats: BHK 52, BHK 54 y BHK 56.
BEHIKE-RangeThe old and new band’s hologram will coexist in the market over a transitional period of a few months.

Cohiba Behike, “Cohiba’s best kept secret”, was launched in 2010 during the12th Festival del Habano. The new Cohiba Behike, which accompanies since the other lines already existing in Cohiba, is the most exclusive of the Habanos range. (a bit like the shiny’s in the Footbal sticker albums)
BEHIKE_OLD_HOLOGRAM_2010-2014Cohiba Behike, is produced each year in extremely limited quantities. Its blend incorporated for the first time the “Medio Tiempo”, a leaf that attributes to the cigar exceptional character and flavor.
Since it was launched in 2010, the Behike bands bears the Cohiba Indian head in an embossed holographic paper, including an exclusive security hologram in each one of them.
BEHIKE_Rest_of_the_band_stays_the_sameThis new band design established a new technological trend in the way the bands of Cohiba would look in the future.
So start collecting those Behike cigars as you never know, you may be doing swapsies in a few months. To quote our childhood ‘Got, Got, Got, Want, Got Got’

This news leaves us wondering what’s next for cigar bands. We’ve already seen the introduction of QR codes so perhaps Hashtags, 3D printed bands – the possibilities are endless!