Cigar Taster Event at No Ten Manchester Street

It’s that time of year when everybody is stressing out about what Christmas present to get for who and the sheer cost of the holiday season can help derail our emotions in to one hell of a train wreck.

Sad and feeling lonely, fellow cigar smokers all over the world are falling to pieces. But hold on just a second there, buddy. That need not be the case for you. Why? Because you are wise enough to read Cut The Cap of course!

It’s very important come holiday season and amidst all the plans to treat your loved ones you take some steps to treat yourself and help normalise those stress levels.

That’s why we wanted to bring to your attention the fantastic (and affordable) cigar taster events held by the fine folks over at No. Ten Manchester Street Hotel and Hunters & Frankau.

The event, normally held on the last Monday of each month, and to be held this month (November) on the 28th, looks to introduce cigar lovers to some of the newest additions of the cigar world accompanied by a recommended drink. So what does this great night cost you? £30! Or roughly just a pittance above the cost of the average vitola.

Visit the No. Ten Manchester Street Hotel website for more details.

Cut The Cap will be attending the next event and getting all the juicy details to you and we can’t wait for this one to come around. In the meantime don’t forget to check out our cigar reviews and subscribe to make sure you receive all our latest posts.