Boisdale Canary Wharf

Friday was a bit of a dull day with rain non stop across London. However with it being the end of the working week, I was in need of a good smoke.

Due to the rain, the garden was out of the question, so I took the opportunity to pay a visit to Boisdale, Canary Wharf to finally see what the hype was all about, and it was worth the hype.

For this pilgrimage, I went with my father in law and brother in law. From the second we came out of the car park we were greeted with a separate lift (painted red) which was an express lift direct to Boisdale.

We shared the lift with what can be described as a bunch of young men who must work in the area and wanted to indulge in a cigar. (reminded me of when I smoked my first cigar)

As we exited to the first floor, we were immediately greeted by the very friendly staff who were more than happy to help.

We explained that we were here for cigars and they were kind enough to prepare our table on the terrace while we popped into the walk in Humidor to select our smokes.

We found we were also walking in the same time as the group of young men who wanted a smoke but didn’t know what they wanted.

As we entered the humidor, I causally looked around while the very helpful man who worked there, explained the difference in cigars and helped the group of gents pick out their smokes.

What I will say is that this guy knew his stuff. He wasn’t just recommending the most expensive smokes, but was recommending a smoke to their style.

I knew what I was after and I went straight for the D4 (firm favourite).

We paid for our cigars, while admiring the art on the wall, including a collage of different cigar bands – which had me memorized.

We then went back onto the balcony where the waiter took our order and waited on us non stop throughout the night.

I complemented the cigar with a Havana Club especial and Lemonade, although I wish I had gone on the rocks.

As always the Partagas D4 delivered, full of flavour, even burning and had me wanting more even after it had finished.

Boisdale is up there now as one of my favourite places to smoke and I will be returning very soon, especially as I live 15 minutes away.

Some of my highlights included admiring the vintage cabinet of cigars e.g. Davidoff Dom Perignon cigars at £275 each, as well as the limited edition Cohiba Siglo 6 humidor (see pic below)

After our cigar we even paid another visit to the humidor to look around once more. The gentlemen who worked there was finishing his shift but still stayed behind to chat with us about cigars – which shows Boisdale have invested heavily in customer service, and its paid off!

If I knew the gentlemen’s name I would name him, but I will find out next time I go and let you all know