BLOOM Gin Bring Us Strawberry Picking in The Concrete Jungle

BLOOM, the gin of choice for many discerning gin-lovers, are this week bringing us strawberry picking in the heart of London.

We’ll give that a moment to sink in…

Yes, you’ve read that right. The good folks over at BLOOM are bringing our favourite countryside past-time to the city. We’ve all heard of pop-up bars. Been to them. Had a drink or two. They’re fun while the novelty is still with you and then it wears off and you’re off to a real bar. What BLOOM have done is taken the pop-up, and replaced bar with strawberry field. One of the craziest (and most ambitions) pop-up plans we’ve ever seen has to be the pop-up pick your own strawberries field. A great escape from the city without ever having to buy a zones 1 to ridiculous something travelcard and sitting on a train for an hour or two.

Admittedly, we’re head over heels for the idea. It’s a new twist on the boring fad that’s the pop-up bar but that doesn’t mean there’s no drinking involved. BLOOM’s very own professional bottle-spinners will be on hand to mix you up a nice ice-cold BLOOM & tonic with strawberries which will be well-deserved after a hard day tending to the crops (yes, we’re playing farm boy in our imagination…why not?).

Free Tuesday 11th to Thursday 13th June (This week!!) at any point between 12pm-7pm? get on down to 19 Earlham Street, Seven Dials, London, WC2H 9LL for some guilt-free G&T with strawberries. You’ve done the hard work to deserve it.


Can’t make it down? Don’t worry because BLOOM have got you covered. Here’s an awesome recipe for BLOOM & tonic with strawberries:



  • 50ml BLOOM London Dry Gin
  • 200ml Fentimans Tonic water
  • 3 British strawberries



  1. Quarter the 3 strawberries
  2. Place strawberries at the bottom of a tall glass
  3. Add ice
  4. Pour BLOOM London Dry Gin over the ice
  5. Top with Fentimans Tonic Water
  6. Sit back, relax and enjoy. Easy as.

BLOOM London Dry Gin