Auckland Provides Residents & Tourists free Wi-Fi for 8 weeks

That’s right, Auckland city council and aptly named local paper Localist are providing free wifi for residents and tourists during the Rugby World Cup.

The service will be available to all for three 30 minute sessions a day on board public transport.

Now I’m not a massive rugby fan, but what a great idea. Hopefully we’ll see the same implemented across London for the 2012 games. Amongst all the ridiculous ideas thrown about by Mayor Boris Johnson (one was asking Londoners to avoid using public transport to get in to work. Not sure how he expected us to get in but a 30 mile bike ride in a suit is not particularly tempting) we can only hope he gets something right and strikes a deal with one of the big comms providers.

Here’s to hoping!

Well done city of Auckland!

News release from Localista here: