Aqua Nueva: Cocktails based on the Spirit of Summer

You may well have seen that we recently took a trip to Aqua Nueva and hung out with World Class 2014 champ Charles Joly and it will come as no surprise that we had a great time, bully for us we know.
However spending time with Charles and talking about his Aqua Nueva menu ‘Spirit of Summer’ really was an eye opener in understand what goes into creating a menu and the conversation was, yep you guessed it, only bettered by the cocktails themselves!

Here’s a run down of what’s on offer/what we drank…

Ocean Drive

Ciroc, Sauternes, Champagne Vinegar, White Grape, CO2


Inspiration and Presentation:

With clean lines and strong definition, this cocktail is sessionable throughout the day. Able to be batched and served on tap or carbonated and bottled into single servings, sweet, spiritous, tangy and effervescence live in harmony.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 19.52.33


South Pacific

Ciroc Red Berry & Coconut, Sour Pineapple, Campari, lime

Inspiration and Presentation:

A nod to the resurgence of the Tiki movement and spun off of the Jungle Bird cocktail, this drink is perfect for a summer day. Blending two flavors of Ciroc with a bitter touch of Campari and pineapple Kombucha, the result is refreshing, surprising and exhilarating. Served in a Collins glass over ice and garnished with a pineapple leaf or decorative lime twist.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 19.52.47



Ciroc Amaretto, Raspberry, Rose, Absinthe


Inspiration and Presentation:

A blend of three parts Ciroc and one part Ciroc Amaretto provide the base for this cocktail. Light fruit and a touch floral tones are kept in check by the finishing stencil mist of bitters blend with absinthe.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 19.52.56


The Garden of England

Ciroc, Aromatic Thyme Liqueur, Yuzu, Flaming Chartreuse


Inspiration and Presentation:

Herbal, complex and refreshing are the cues here. A simple rosemary liqueur made from aromatic pisco introduces a bit of the garden while the yuzu adds a compelling citrus brightness.

The garnish is rosemary dipped in Green Chartreuse and extinguished before the guest for a burst of aroma.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 19.52.23

You can try them for yourself and Aqua Nueva now! Enjoy…