Appleton Estates 50 Year Old Jamaican Independence Reserve Rum

If you’re a Jamaican Rum company, how do you celebrate the 50th anniversary of your nation? We certainly don’t have an answer worth doing but we LOVE what Appleton Estates have decided to do and release a rum as old as a nation. The Appleton Estates 50 Year Old Jamaican Independence Reserve to be specific. The worlds oldest Rum. Aged for a MINIMUM of 50 years, and produced in a very limited quantity (just 800 bottles), the big 5-0 is a must-have for any serious rum aficionado.

With a dark mahogany colour, rich coppery reflections and a strong green ring of ageing the 50 Year Old prmises a bouquet of powerful oak infused with rich vanilla and layered cinnamon, maple, and of course the distinctive orange peel characteristic of all Apple Estates’ rums finishing in a smooth honeyed oak.

The joy isn’t just in the tasting, however. The 50 Year Old is more than just a rum. It’s an art piece. Presented in a hand crafted crystal decanter and coming with a comemorative booklet that outlines Jamaica’s road to independence, this is a piece of exclusive Jamaican history which will surely become a collectors favourite in the years to come. A much-deserved tribute to those who built the nation.