A Partagas’ing Weekend

So this weekend, I was braved the British wind and enjoyed not 1 but 2 Partagas Cigars.

First up was the Series P number 2 (rated 92 by CA). – back in 2008 I picked up a 10 box on my way back from holiday and had enjoyed a few previously so I knew what to expect.

Initially I found it hard to get the stick going. The draw felt tight as I began to puff away, unlike the experience I have with the Partagas Series D. This could have been because of the wind, however I managed to get through it and it slowly began to warm up.

The first half was slightly dry and harsher that I remembered. I pressed through and sure enough once I hit the halfway mark, I found all those flavours I remembered hitting my pallet.

The cedar wood and earthly flavours came rushing into my mouth as I puffed away and sure enough, I was in Cigar heaven.

Secondly I decided to give the Partagas Presidentes (rated 90 by CA). I found myself with cracking open the 1 Presidentes I had saved for a special occasion simply because…..every cigar I have I seem to be waiting for a worthy occasion.

This cigar had an amazing draw, flavour and all round smoke. It wasn’t too complex but I detected tastes of wood, leather and Cedar – but without the cigar feeling too strong.

It reminded me of how I felt with a Monte Cristo Number 2

To give my opinion on the Partagas Cigars, the Series P was good but not up to the Series D Standard, so I’ll give that 5 out of 10. The Partagas Presidentes is a keeper and definitely recommended– 7 out of 10.